Tuesday April 30, 2019
THE final version of the Brandon and Bretford Neighbourhood Plan has been published and is supportive of Brandon Stadium remaining as a sports venue.

The report states: “There is a community wish that the site should be retained as a celebrated sports facility for speedway and stock car racing,” and goes on to say: “The community is not persuaded by the arguments that it is not or cannot be made viable at its location.”

This is excellent news for the campaign to Save Coventry Speedway & Stox and concurs with our representations in our response to the planning application that it is a much loved stadium with an unrivalled heritage of national and international significance.

On Thursday, residents have the opportunity to endorse the plan via a referendum and we would respectfully urge those eligible to vote, to vote for acceptance of the plan.

Endorsement of the plan would undoubtedly influence the recommendation by Rugby Council’s Planning Officer to the planning committee when the planning application is finally heard.

The Government Inspector has completed his report for the Rugby Borough Local Plan and Rugby Council propose to publish that report on 7th May following local elections this coming Thursday.

We anxiously await publication of the Inspector's report to see if he has taken account of points we made in representations in response to his Interim Report.

Those who attended the Public Meeting last November will recall that Rugby Council Leader Michael Stokes announced a consultant was to be appointed to look into the claims made by the developers and our counter-claims which refuted many of the statements made in the Planning Application and subsequent documentation.

Members of the Campaign Group met with the consultant in late January and we are aware that he also met with representatives from the governing bodies of both speedway and stock cars. We have been advised that as of 26th April, the Consultant's Report has still not been received

As soon as we have further information on any of the three documents referred to, we will let everyone know.